Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge shipping and handling?
Yes, but we only ask for standard shipping and handling costs based on the size and weight of the featured product. Each product listing will include the shipping cost for delivery of the item in the 48 Continental United States. We currently do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or outside of the US. Please check back for updates to this policy.

How many of your featured item can I buy?
Customers can purchase up to 5 of our daily featured items. You can make multiple purchases in order to buy more than 5 of one item, but will have to pay the posted shipping charge. We will not combine shipping on multiple orders!

Do you sell more than one item?
Yes, but we sell only one item each day. If you are looking for something else, come back tomorrow to see our new featured item. To stay on top of what we have for sale each day, simply sign up for our Daily Deal Update email and you will always be one of the first to know what we have for sale!

How long is one item on your site?
The featured item is on for one full day starting at 12:00 am CST and ending at 11:59 am CST or when we have sold out our stock of that item, whichever comes first. Make sure to purchase the item between those hours to ensure that you receive it. You can see exactly how long is left to make your purchase by looking at our count down clock.

Do featured items repeat?
The responses we receive from customers will determine if we will run a featured item for a second time. Email us to request a second chance at buying our featured item if you missed it! At various times we may blow out our remaining inventory from the past months on our site. Sign up for our Daily Deal Update and you will always be in the know!

What is your Daily Deal Update?
Our Daily Deal Update is a great opportunity to stay informed about our featured product of the day. To start receiving these emails, simply click on the Daily Deal Update graphic on the top right of our site. You will also automatically be signed up for our daily blast by making a purchase on our site or referring our site to a friend. We respect your rights to privacy by not sharing, selling, or renting out your information to anyone else. You can unsubscribe to our Daily Deal Update at any time by simply clicking on the unsubscribe link located at the bottom of every email.

Do you accept returns?
Yes. and our suppliers back up every item we sell. If an item is defective, please send us an email to let us know what the problem is at and we will let you know what we can do to make it up to you. We will provide you with one of three options depending on availability and the cause of the defect: replace the item, provided you a comparably priced product, or refund your money.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Customers can pay for our products using a credit card of bank draft. We accept payment thru Paypal. We do not accept money orders or checks or credit cards over the phone at this time.

Looking for a Different Outdoor Product?
If you want a different item than what we have for sale today, then try back tomorrow.

Each day you will find a different product for sale at Outdoor Daily. Our products range from Tents, Sleeping Bags, and Camping Equipment to any other Outdoor Recreational Products.

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